Am I a Candidate? Dental Implants in Kerrville, TX

It is important that our Hill Country, TX area patients realize that not every patient is the ideal candidate for treatment with dental implants right away. Some patients are initially barred from treatment with implants for various reasons, which can range from jawbone deterioration to tooth decay. When a patient is advised against moving forward with dental implants, it is usually because of the fear that the patient’s condition may interfere with the process of osseointegration. And, if osseointegration fails, so too will the implant. Osseointegration is the driving force behind implants, and is what allows them to function and feel just as good as natural teeth. For this reason, implant providers are hesitant to place implants in patients who have a higher chance of treatment failure. We encourage you to read on to find out what traits can be found in the ideal candidate for treatment with dental implants.

Candidates Considered Ideal for Dental Implants

When we determine a patient’s candidacy for treatment with dental implants, there are certain factors we base this decision on. Some aspects of a preferred implant candidate include:

  • Patients with Missing Teeth: Here at Precision Dentistry and Implants, we are not in the habit of pulling perfectly healthy teeth just to replace them with implants. In order to move forward with this treatment, you will need to display a legitimate need for them. This means one or more missing teeth, or teeth that are succumbing to infection.
  • Patients Free of Decay and Disease: In order to qualify for treatment with implants, conditions like gum disease and tooth decay must be removed and treated by the time you will have your implants placed, as these conditions can cause osseointegration to fail.
  • Patients with Proper Jawbone and Gum Tissue Density: In order for implants to succeed, they need a strong foundation for support. This support comes from the jawbone and gums, which must be healthy and strong at the time of your implant’s placement. If you suffer from bone loss, we can still get you back on the right track through a simple supplemental procedure.
  • Patients with Good Overall Health: In order to have a dental implant placed, you will need to undergo surgery. In order to make sure everything goes well, your body will need to be strong and healthy.
  • Patients Willing to Follow Doctor’s Orders: Once your implant has been placed, you will need to undergo a three to six-month long healing period. During this time, you will need to be sure to follow any and all doctor’s orders, as following these can be the difference between implant success and failure.

Less Than Ideal Candidate for Dental Implants

Some patients are not able to move directly from consultation to implant placement because of a condition or habit they may possess that keeps them from qualifying for the treatment. Some potential conditions and habits that may keep you from implants include:

  • Age: Some patients do not initially qualify for treatment with dental implants because they are too young for them. When you are growing up, your jawbone is in a state of change. Until your jawbone has finished growing in, you will not be able to move forward with dental implants.
  • Pregnancy: Patients who are pregnant are advised against receiving any kind of surgical treatment prior to their child’s delivery. This also applies to dental implants, and you will be unable to have your implants placed until your child’s birth.
  • Smoking: This habit can make it much harder for your mouth to heal and it can also increase your chances of tooth decay. While we have had much success placing implants for patients who smoke, the fact is that the chances of failure for these patients are much higher than they would be for patients who don’t partake in the habit.

How to Determine Your Candidacy for Implant Treatment

In order to determine your candidacy for treatment with dental implants, you must first attend a consultation with Dr. Matthew Huff at his Kerrville or Fredericksburg office. During this consultation, the doctor will thoroughly examine your oral health in order to ensure that you have the highest chances of implant success. If you would like to find out if you qualify for implant treatment, contact our office today and schedule your no-obligation consultation.

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