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Is Diabetes Connected to Dental Health?

Diabetes and dentistry — you may be surprised to find out these two areas of health are actually related. Since each area of the body is interconnected, it’s not surprising that one area of health can have implications on overall…
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The Top 5 Worst Halloween Candy For Your Teeth

From candy corn to caramel-dipped apples, this time of year is marked by all types of sweet treats. According to the National Retail Federation, Halloween spending is expected to reach $9.1 billion this year, with $2.7 billion spent on candy…
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Beware of a Dead Tooth this Halloween

This time of year, we all enjoy spooky festivities and movies. But scary stories and haunted houses aren’t the only frightening things to consider this Halloween! There are plenty of terrifying dental problems that can wreak havoc on your oral…
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Steer Clear of Pumpkin Spice For Your Dental Health

Have you had a pumpkin spice latte this season yet? As we head into this cozy season, all things pumpkin flavored will soon hit the shelves! From pumpkin-flavored bagels to Starbucks’ famous pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin mania is nearly impossible…
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5 Tips for a Healthier Smile This School Year

With summer behind us, school is officially back in session! While most parents are preoccupied with new school supplies and back-to-school sales, it’s also an important time to give your child the right tools for proper dental care. After all,…
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8 Signs You Need to See the Dentist

Although it can sometimes feel like a chore, routine dental appointments are invaluable for the health of your smile. Despite having a hectic work schedule or a busy social life, visiting your dentist regularly should still be a priority! Unfortunately,…
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Can Drinking Tea Improve Your Dental Health?

A cup of tea a day keeps the cavities away? There are a number of proven health benefits from drinking tea. From combating high blood pressure to aiding digestive health, a cup of tea can do more for your health…
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5 Foods You Didn’t Know Stain Your Teeth

Did you know that Americans spend more than $1.4 billion on over-the-counter teeth whitening products? There’s no doubt that all of us want to enjoy a beautiful white smile, but most people are surprised to find out just how many…
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Don’t Snooze on Treating Sleep Apnea

Feeling groggy all day. Waking up throughout the night. An upset, grumpy partner who’s lost sleep because of your snoring. Living with sleep apnea feels like a nightmare. Unfortunately, if you don’t treat your case of sleep apnea soon, the…
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