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How One Bad Tooth Can Affect All Of Your Teeth

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered if a decaying tooth or cavity can affect the remainder of your teeth? If so, you’re not alone. Paying attention to problematic, missing, or yellowing teeth is incredibly important. Gaps in the upper or lower teeth as well as bleeding gums are reason for concern. Oftentimes, one bad tooth can affect the teeth that are closest to the source of pain or discomfort. Other times, a tooth that’s been left to rot or decay or is neglected, will turn out to be a much larger problem.

When The Ripple Effect Begins

Having regular dental health checkups is key to identifying any potential problems with your teeth. Typically, any irregularities show up during the young growth phase of the teeth. Factors such as genetics, dietary habits, and activities play a role in the condition of your teeth, as well as care and maintenance. If you have a history of dental decay or poorly aligned teeth, chances are the repercussions might affect your smile early on. If you are one to engage in numerous contact sports or other daily activities that put your teeth and jaw at risk, the propensity to suffer consequences will ensue. Each one of these factors gives an indication towards the remainder of your teeth and if they need attention.

Missing a tooth is the first sign that the adjoining teeth could either move into the gap, create more misalignment, or worse yet, begin an unwanted infection. If one tooth is sensitive to food temperatures, this spells trouble for your neighboring teeth. Not only will it jeopardize your chewing and eating enjoyment, it could also signal other problematic issues for the gums and surrounding teeth. Additionally, a loose crown has the potential to affect the neighboring teeth as well.

Food and bacteria that gets trapped underneath the ill-fitting crown can potentially cause infection or inflammation in your mouth. And finally, a cavity that’s been left untreated for too long and is uncomfortable can jeopardize the health of your smile.

Dr. Huff Is Here To Help

Because Precision Dentistry & Implants treats all of their patients as if they’re family, Dr. Huff and his professional team will identify, diagnose, and create a plan to help find the solution to all of your dental needs. As he understands the importance of a beautiful smile, he knows that any bad tooth demands immediate attention. He’ll work with you to give you back your confidence. Contact his office and see what the buzz is about in the Texas hill country.