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What To Expect During Wisdom Tooth Extraction

wisdom tooth extraction at Precision Dentistry & Implants

Wisdom teeth often need to be removed as they can cause overcrowding or be impacted, causing problems for your oral health. Extracting wisdom teeth is an extremely common and quick procedure that will help improve your oral health and prevent infection. Dr. Huff uses the latest technology and techniques to make sure your extraction will be as easy and painless as possible.

What To Expect During A Wisdom Tooth Extraction

A tooth extraction is something that often makes people nervous, making them put off the procedure until it has caused infection or painful inflammation. Dr. Huff understands that dental anxiety can make it hard for people to receive the care they need and is dedicated to making sure you know exactly what to expect and can provide sedation to help keep you comfortable. The process of removing wisdom teeth includes:

  • An initial consultation including x-rays that will allow Dr. Huff to create a precise treatment plan.
  • If you are anxious or nervous, there are sedation options available to help you rest worry-free while your procedure is completed. For extracting wisdom teeth, sedation is the preferred route as this is a slightly more invasive procedure than a normal tooth extraction.
  • Extracting the tooth takes very little time and will have your smile back to feeling better in one visit to our Kerrville office.
  • Most people need to have more than one wisdom tooth extracted, which can all be done in one procedure.

After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

If you are sedated during your extraction, you will need someone to drive you home from your appointment, as you will still be a little fuzzy and out of it. Dr. Huff will also send you home with care instruction and prescriptions for meds to help reduce inflammation, pain, and prevent infection. It’s important to avoid hard foods and drinking through a straw to allow the surgical site to heal properly. Following our Kerrville dentist instructions for keeping the site clean and following all medication instructions will help you heal without complications. While the healing process for each patient is different it’s important to rest and give your body time to recover before getting back on your feet.

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If you are noticing that your gums near your wisdom teeth are sensitive or your dentist has recommended removal, Dr. Huff can help make the process easy and as painless as possible. The staff at our Kerrville office is dedicated to providing the best dental care in a relaxed and stress free environment. Contact us today for an appointment!