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5 Dental Apps That Make Kids Love Brushing

Any parent will tell you that getting kids to brush is not always an easy feat. When they do brush, ensuring that they continue brushing long enough to make a difference is an additional challenge. Luckily, there are apps designed to make brushing fun. Most of them are free to download, so it’s easy to obtain these valuable digital tools that inspire children to properly care for their teeth.

How Do Apps Help Kids Enjoy Brushing Their Teeth?

It may seem far-fetched that a program on your phone can help kids enjoy dental care, but there are innovative apps available that do just that. With the use of animations, music and other forms of media that appeal to kids, apps like Brush DJ have found inventive ways of adding fun to the brushing experience. Since the cost is usually free if you have a smartphone, it takes almost no time or resources to acquire these apps and introduce fun into your child’s dental care.

Make it more fun

An average brushing session involves going into the bathroom, applying toothpaste and staring into the mirror while brushing. For kids who have a high requirement for fun, an average brushing session doesn’t offer a lot to hold their attention. Dental apps can change that, providing storylines, sounds and characters that get kids excited about the brushing process.

Measure the time for them

Even if your kid brushes their teeth regularly on their own, getting them to brush for the recommended timeframe of 2 minutes is an added challenge. If kids aren’t brushing long enough, odds are they’re missing key parts of their mouth and allowing plaque to grow and fester. Fortunately, a vital part of most dental apps is that they measure the length of the brushing session, ensuring that a solid 2 minutes is spent on brushing.

Provide a distraction

If kids hate brushing, they’re not going to want to brush long enough, and many won’t want to pick up the toothbrush at all. By providing a fun app to focus on during their dental care process, they won’t be focusing on how they can’t wait until their brushing session is over. Simply giving your child a more fun objective to focus on may the missing link that leads them to love brushing their teeth.

1.      Chomper Chums

The first dental app on the list, Chomper Chums is perfect for inspiring kids to develop strong dental care habits. The user begins by choosing from three characters: an alligator, horse, or a lion. From there, the Chomper Chums app tracks each brushing and rinsing session, even tracking the time spent brushing each quadrant of the mouth. The user is rewarded with Super Smile Points and other digital rewards, thereby adding new dimensions of fun to the brushing experience.

2.      Tiny Dentist

An educational app that puts the dentist tools in the user’s hands, Tiny Dentist lets your kid treat a huge variety of dental conditions. Your kid will get to use realistic dental tools on a wide range of digital patients. Among the conditions they’ll treat are fillings, X-rays, teeth whitening and bad breath. By conducting elaborate dental procedures on fun characters in the game, your kids may be more enthusiastic about cleaning their own teeth.

3.      Brush DJ

Developed in the United Kingdom, Brush DJ is an award-winning app that plays songs from the user’s smartphone while counting down 2-minute brushing sessions. Brush DJ also keeps track of time between dental appointments, scheduled brushings and even the time before your toothbrush needs to be replaced. Designed with the singular goal of making brushing fun and engaging for all users, Brush DJ is an app that resonates with kids and adults.

4.      My Teeth

An app that’s made to engage 6-8 year old’s in proper brushing habits, My Teeth uses fun characters that brush along with the user. The key factor that sets My Teeth apart from other apps on the list is the emphasis on realistic and effective brushing techniques. For example, the My Teeth app utilizes the following 4 brushing techniques:

  • Simple Brushing
  • Circular Brushing
  • Red-to-white Brushing
  • Bass Method

With actual brushing techniques and playful characters that brush along with your child, the My Teeth app will help your kids fall in love with their daily oral care routine.

5.      Disney Magic Timer

Using the power of 23 well-known characters from Disney, Star Wars and Marvel universes, Disney Magic Timer is an innovative app from Oral-B. In addition to letting your kid choose their favorite character for a brushing profile that tracks all brushing sessions, the Disney Magic Timer also lets you scan other Crest products to unlock sticker books.

If your kid is a fan of Disney, Marvel or Star Wars, the Disney Magic Timer is likely to resonate with them and make brushing a time they look forward to. Take the boredom out of brushing by letting them experience it with 23 of their favorite characters.

How To Use Dental Apps

The dental apps on this list can be downloaded into a smartphone, tablet or laptop. When using them in the bathroom, be wary that they’re not in a position where they can easily drop into the sink or toilet. Depending on your children’s age, it may be necessary to stand the device up so they can see it, but not touch it. Ultimately, a little forethought on how to best use your dental apps can save you from expensive repairs on your mobile devices in the future.

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