Replace bad, failing teeth or dentures with our All New Smile procedure. Dental implants and permanently secured teeth in just one day!

Replace bad, failing teeth or dentures with our All New Smile procedure.
Dental implants and permanently secured teeth in just one day!

Your Blue Cross Blue Shield
Medical PPO Policy may now
cover full mouth dental implants.


All New Smile in just one day!

Using the revolutionary “All-on-4 to All-on-6” approach, we can replace an entire set of upper and/or lower teeth in just one procedure.

Most of our patients come to us with some remaining teeth. But in some cases they are already wearing a denture. Regardless, we can remove any remaining bad and failing teeth, clean the gums and bones of any infection and place dental implants all in one procedure.

Because of the way we place the 4 to 6 dental implants, they are cross-supporting when secured to a beautiful set of temporary new teeth. That means you will leave that day with a beautiful new smile of permanently secured teeth! (Only a dentist can remove them.)

Your bite and chewing ability are restored to 90% after your first procedure. However, we recommend a soft diet during the new few days as your gums heal. Most people return immediately to their jobs or daily routines. After a few months of healing time, we will be ready to make your permanent smile restoration. This more durable set of teeth will look and feel almost like natural teeth. And with proper care, they could last you for many years to come. In fact, there is no upper limit as to how long your new smile could last.

Return in about 6 weeks for your permanent new smile! Your permanent restoration has a titanium sub-structure or may be milled from a solid block of Zirconia. It is much more durable and meant to last for many years to come.

Some dental offices are promoting immediate teeth in 24-hours with their All-on-4 procedures. The problem is that the soft gum tissues have not healed and there may still be swelling so soon after placing dental implants. So, it’s not possible to correctly fit a permanent set of new teeth. Often, the patient has to return multiple times to have this “permanent” set of teeth adjusted as their gums heal. The temporary set of teeth we place are very durable and look great! You won’t mind having these for about 6 weeks and it allows us to get your final set of teeth perfect.

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We may now be able to get the cost of your full mouth dental implants covered if you have a qualifying Blue Cross Blue Shield Medical PPO policy.

Simply call our office with your policy details and we can check to see if your policy offers this coverage.