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Why Teeth Whitening Is Best Done At The Dentist’s

teeth whitening You may have brushed, scrubbed, and even prayed for whiter teeth, but no matter what you do, your pearly whites are more-so pearly off-whites. At-home solutions can be viable if you’re not looking for the dazzling radiance seen on red carpets and on the big screen, but if you’re looking for both safety and results, it may be best to have a dentist transform your teeth’s smile with in-office teeth whitening.

Faster Teeth Whitening Results At The Dentist’s 

At-home treatments, though employing similar ingredients used at the dentist’s, have far lower concentrations. This makes it so seeing whitening results takes much longer, think weeks, for at-home treatments. At Kerrville Dentistry, we boast results seen that day, after leaving our friendly offices. When superior technique and care meet higher concentrations of whitening ingredients, results are sure to sparkle and sparkle quickly!

Safer Teeth Whitening At The Dentist’s 

Because the ingredient in some whitening treatments is hydrogen peroxide, an acid, there is a chance that injury or damage, especially to the gums, can occur. Having someone who knows the mouth inside and out helps tremendously.

Along with this, your dentist will conduct pre and post-dental examinations. First, check the whitening candidacy for your teeth and then conduct a thorough cleaning to optimize the results. During the whitening process, your dentist will assure the process is as painless and without complications as possible.

Longer Lasting Teeth Whitening At The Dentist’s

Not only are the whitening results faster and safer, but teeth whitening at the dentist lasts longer too. At-home whitening whitens just the surface of your teeth. At the dentist’s, the whitening process whitens from within. This allows discoloration from age or penetrative discoloration to be addressed. This results in a far more dramatic and enduring whitening. Smile wider for longer with teeth whitening from your dentist!

Have More Questions? 

If you’re ready for a smile-so-white your friends will need sunglasses then come into our office to schedule a session. But, we do more than whitening! If you’re worried about your oral health? Or can’t remember the last time you flossed? Don’t worry! At Kerrville Dentistry, we’ve got your back! And your mouth! Call us to see how we can help at 830-896-8343!


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